Frequently Asked Questions

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Soypure skincare products are made from food ingredients. Does that mean they're homemade?

Soypure is the best of both worlds: simplicity and sophistication. Soypure skincare contains the pure, natural ingredients you’d expect in “homemade” natural skincare but has the sophisticated look and luxurious feel of department store brands. The highly refined, superior-quality products that Soypure offers are a result of many years of formulation, research and development and countless adjustments in production. The same companies who produce some of the best-known commercial creams on the market produce Soypure products. In a blind test, 9 out of 10 people couldn’t discern a difference in quality between Soypure’s natural skincare and some of the most famous high-end department store commercial brands.

Where are Soypure products made?

Soypure products are all made in the United States by the same companies that produce some of the best-known commercial skincare products available.  The Soypure company is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Have Soypure products been tested as safe?

Yes. Soypure advisor Dr. Laura Spaulding, who has headed Research & Development labs for more than 30 years, suggested all Soypure soaps and creams undergo extensive safety tests at one of the most prestigious FDA- approved labs. Few commercial companies go to this expense to safety test their products. Soypure products, the first ones made from mostly soy ingredients, were cleared in all safety tests.

However, it’s always a good idea to test your skin’s sensitivity to any new skincare products prior to applying them to your face or the rest of your body. You can do this by applying a small amount of any new product to the upper part of your inner arm, at the crook of your elbow, and then covering it with a bandage. Leave the bandage in place for 24 hours and avoid getting it wet. After 24 hours, check the area to see if there’s any redness, itching, blistering or burning, which may signal a sensitivity or allergy to the product or one of its ingredients. If such a reaction occurs, discontinue use and wash the affected area for three minutes in cold water. Do not scrub the area.  If you don’t see or feel a reaction, it’s likely that you don’t have a sensitivity or allergy to soy.

The Soypure holistic approach to natural beauty sounds like it takes more time and effort than a typical skincare regimen. Are there any shortcuts I can take?

Making the choice to use Soypure for natural beauty is similar to the other choices you make regarding the lifestyle you live, like making time to work out or practice yoga and choosing natural, organic foods over processed ones. The additional time and effort you invest in using the Soypure regimen has benefits that far outweigh the investment. Soypure fits perfectly into a holistic natural lifestyle.

Compared to other skincare products I've used, how does such a small amount of Soypure give me the results I want?

The combination of all natural ingredients, along with the unique process used to produce Soypure products to ensure their purity, mean Soypure skincare is very potent. This also makes Soypure skincare economical because, used sparingly, a little goes a long way.

Does Soypure offer natural makeup?

No. The Soypure holistic approach to skincare has just one goal: to help you achieve the natural beauty that comes from having good skin. Good skin is like a perfect canvas, and there are fewer skin imperfections to cover with makeup. If you choose to use makeup, it’s very important to apply a moisturizer before applying your makeup. Moisturizer creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup, and it only makes sense that the barrier be as natural as possible. 

Why is it suggested that I use a Detoxifying/Exfoliating soap every time I bathe? Isn't it harmful to exfoliate your skin daily?

Using a Detoxifying and Exfoliating soap every time you bathe (Detoxifying/ Exfoliating first and finishing with Moisturizing) will naturally remove dead, dry skin and generate the growth and emergence of new skin cells for glowing, radiantly smooth skin. Soypure soaps offer mild exfoliation from naturally dissolving soy particles that are gentle enough for use every day.

Is it normal for my skin to peel when using soy scrubs and soaps?

If you have a heavy buildup of dry, dead skin cells it may require several uses of the Soypure scrubs or soaps to exfoliate these skin cells. As the dead skin cells are shed, it may appear that your skin is peeling. This is completely normal.

Do I need to use a Moisturizing soap if I use a moisturizing cream?

It’s suggested that you use the Moisturizing soap from Soypure, which contains a select type of soy flour that’s particularly effective in smoothing skin after exfoliating.  This soy flour is not available in any other cream or lotion. The Moisturizing soap acts like a toner after cleansing, “finishing” the skin to prepare it for moisturizing. 

Does Soypure offer any non-soap cleansers?

In order to ensure the promise of all natural ingredients in Soypure products, only soap cleansers are offered. Chemicals are always used in the production of any non-soap cleansers. Non-soap cleansers, like gels, only topically cleanse . These cleansers are unable to deeply detoxify skin. In fact, they actually contribute to the toxins already present in skin and over time can prematurely age skin.

Do you make a once-a-week soy mask?

By using the Detoxifying and Exfoliating soap every day, you are achieving the same benefits you’d get from a weekly mask. So there’s no need to use a separate mask.

Does Soypure offer an oil-free moisturizer?

Quite simply, truly oil-free moisturizers are not effective. In order for a moisturizer to claim that it’s oil free and also be effective, it has to contain an oil that’s been processed to the point that it changes chemically and can then be called by a different name in the ingredient list.  Soypure moisturizers contain large amounts of soy and other unprocessed natural oils that work well on both oily and non-oily skin.

Soypure has so many different types of moisturizers. How do I know which one or ones are right for me?

All Soypure moisturizers are non-comedogenic and gentle enough to be used daily on all skin types, even sensitive skin. They’re also gentle enough to be used around the eye area. Soypure moisturizers range from light lotion and hydrating cream to rich melt-away body butter and heated oil treatments. Which Soypure moisturizers are right for you depends on your age, the level of moisturizing your skin requires, the part of the body you want to moisturize and whether it’s being used during the day or at night. Heavier moisturizers benefit those with more mature skin and are good to use at night when the skin loses moisture that isn’t replaced by the fluids normally consumed during the day.

Soypure Fast Absorbing Moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer that’s perfect for everyday use on face and hands.

Soypure Pure Moisturizing Cream is a quick-absorbing moisturizer that can be used alone or in addition to the Soypure Revitalizer™ Thermatically Warmed™ Soy Skincare system with Age-Reversing Soy Treatment Discs™.

Soypure Rejuvenating Body Butter is an intensive moisturizer for rough, dry, cracked skin on hands, elbows and feet. It’s also excellent for extremely dry facial skin. It can be used day or night.

Soypure Basic Revitalizer and Maximum Benefit Revitalizer Thermatically Warmed Soy Skincare systems gently warm collagen-rebuilding Age Reversing Soy Treatment Discs to moisturize the face, as well as extremely dry, cracked skin on hands, fingers and cuticles, heels and soles of feet and other problem areas requiring additional moisturizing.

Do Soypure moisturizers have an SPF rating?

A moisturizer must penetrate the outer layers of the skin to be effective. Conversely, sunblock has to stay on the surface of the skin to protect it. Combining moisturizer and sunblock results in an effective sunblock and a very poor moisturizer or an effective moisturizer and an ineffective sunblock. As a result, Soypure does not offer moisturizers with SPF ratings. All Soypure moisturizers can be used under sunblock for effective moisturizing and sun protection. 

Does Soypure offer a moisturizing eye cream?

Soypure does not offer an eye cream, as Soypure facial moisturizers are gentle enough to be used on the sensitive skin around the eyes.

As with all creams applied around the delicate eye area, it’s a good idea to follow these instructions. The tissue around the eye area is some of the most delicate on the human body. The skin around the eye is almost half as thick as anywhere else on the face. Massaging, tugging or pulling on this skin will cause it to loosen and wrinkle over time. When applying cream around the eyes, always use your ring finger. It’s your weakest finger and will apply the least amount of pressure to the area. Apply a small amount of cream to your ring finger and allow your finger to warm it. Warming the cream before application actually helps it absorb better into the skin. Then, with minimal pressure, gently dab the cream under the eye starting at the outer corner and working in towards the inner eye until it is competely absorbed into the skin. 

How do the Superfruit Powders work within the Soypure line?

While researching superfruit powders as a possible ingredient for Soypure skincare products, it was discovered that their benefit to your skin when ingested is many times more than when they’re applied topically.

How do I know which Superfruit Powder is best for me?

Soypure has committed extensive research to select seven superfruits with unique and varied benefits, not only to your skin but for your overall health as well. It’s suggested taking a different powder each day of the week to avoid the body getting used to a specific superfruit, diminishing the powder’s effectiveness.

How do I use the Superfruit Powders?

Soypure Superfruit Powders blend deliciously with tea, yogurt, dairy, juices and cereal.

Natural Lo Han powder, with a pleasant taste that’s 100 times sweeter than sugar, is also available through Soypure. Lo Han powder will not elevate blood sugar levels.

Soypure candles as part of my skincare regimen? Can you explain how this works?

The Soypure approach to skincare is holistic. Soypure skincare products, superfruit powders and aromatherapy are all designed to work together towards a common goal of ageless, natural beauty.

Stress is known to be one of the key contributors to premature aging of the skin. The Soypure scented candles were designed by a fragrance psychologist for the therapeutic benefits of relieving stress and aiding in relaxation. The scents are highly refined and developed using 22 essential oils.

Are the different fragrances of Soypure candles designed to achieve different benefits?

Soypure offers candles in two distinctly different signature fragrances: Stress Relief and Ginger Therapy. As implied by its name, the Stress Relief candle can be used to destress after a hectic day, while the Ginger Therapy candle can be used to unwind and ease into relaxation. The scents were designed as aromatherapy but are also equally appealing in a traditional way.

What makes Soypure candles unique from traditional candles?

The Soypure promise to protect you and the environment extends beyond skincare to the way Soypure candles are produced. Extensive research went into developing a candle formulation that burns soot-free and releases virtually no toxins when properly cared for and handled.

Traditional candles pollute the environment because they’re made using inferior wax and wicks and cheap fragrances. In addition, the flames that burn traditional candles are too large, which can overheat fragrances.

Soypure candles are made of an all-natural wax formula, using only100% palm wax and soy ingredients, which burns very clean. Three pure cotton, self-trimming, metal-free wicks are used in each Soypure candle. The triple wicks and foil-lined containers, which encase the candles, ensure even heat distribution with multiple small flames, so fragrances don’t get overheated. Soypure candles contain only highly refined signature fragrances, scented with over 22 essential oils, that won’t release toxic fumes when cared and handled following manufacturer suggestions.