Who are the Soypure advisors?

Soypure® has attracted and formalized relationships with recognized industry leaders
who have been closely involved in the development of Soypure® For Natural Beauty.

Dr. Laura Spaulding, PHD Chemistry
Dr. Mukat Gupta, PHD Chemistry
Rushmi Gupta, Nutritionist/Biologist
Donna Henry, Nutraceuticals, Nutritional Nano
Steve Herman, Professor of Chemistry
Ellen McGarvey, Formulator

Natural Ingredients/ Soy
John Stratford, Natural Soy Expert
Mark Schuett, Natural Soy Expert
Jason Glaser, Soy Oil/Wax Specialist

Jeff Goldberg, Tool and Die
Marshall C. Battey, Heating Engineer
Anthony J. Staniorski, Structural Engineer
Sal Lazzara, Temperature Gauge Technology

Component Materials/ Fire Safety
Jim Rose, Paper Tube Specialist
Donald Droppo, Green Packaging Specialist

Patents and Trademarks
Israel Nissenbaum, Esq, Patent Attorney