Getting to Know Your Basic Revitalizer™

Getting started: Begin by placing the unit in a warm area on a level, stable, fire/heat resistant surface to prevent tipping or burning. Pull off the Revitalizer™ cap (item 6) and remove foil seal of the Age Reversing Soy Treatment Disc™ (item 5).
Activating the Basic Revitalizer™: Remove the main cylinder by grasping the Revitalizer™ Base with one hand and using the other hand to twist, turn and lift the main cylinder completely off Revitalizer™ Base. Light the Revitalizer™ Light (item 2) inside and return the cylinder to its original position.

Green color indicates current temperature of Age Reversing Soy Oil.

It’s as easy as. . .

1) Light

Remove seal from Age Reversing Soy Treatment Disc™. Lift off main cylinder. Remove seal from Revitalizer™Light and light it. Replace main cylinder.

2) Melt

Allow 20-30 minutes melting time. A safe temperature will be maintained until flame is extinguished. Test wax for temperature and penetration by massaging into small area on wrist before applying. Wax is most penetrable at its warmest temperature.

3) Apply

Dip finger into Age Reversing Soy Oil and apply in small amounts, massaging quickly (to prevent sticky residue) into face, under eyes and around laugh lines, hands, elbows, soles of feet or anywhere skin is dry. Blow through icon cutout to extinguish flame and store for future use. Use repeatedly for a lasting, younger looking you.


CAUTION: Product may have melted if exposed to extreme heat in transit. To avoid spillageof contents, wait at least 30 minutes for product to solidify at room temperature before beginning.



  1. For external use only.
  2. Keep product out of eyes.
  3. Although safe for all skin types, discontinue use if irritation or rash occurs.
  4. Remove any spilled wax with moist cloth (mixture of lemon and water).
  5. To prevent fire, burn only on a sturdy, fireproof surface away from heat sources and drafts;
  6. use only within sight, out of reach of children, pets and away from things that can catch fire.
  7. Do not use where aerosol (spray) products or oxygen is being used.
  8. During use of Revitalizer™ , surfaces may become hot.. Allow to cool before handling.
  9. Store in a safe place when not in use.

USE ONLY WITH SOYPURE RERVITALIZER LIGHTS™. THE DEVICE IS DESIGNED TO WORK SAFELY WITH OUR SPECIALLY FORMULATED CANDLE. USE OF ANY OTHER CANDLE OR HEAT SOURCE MAY RESULT IN SCALDING OR TOO COOL TEMPERATURES FOR EFFICIENT PENETRATION. Note:Both, the Age Reversing Soy Treatment Disc™ and Revitalizer Light can be re-melted for muliple applications. When depleted, replace with refills from carton. Additional refills can be purchased separately.          •          1.800.237.4918          •          Made in the USA