What makes Soypure candles so unique? 

Soypure Beauty System Guide

Pure Delight Aromatherapy

Experience sublime aromatherapy with individual sachets filled with scented natural particles in an esthetically-pleasing, controlled-release holder. Choose Ginger Therapy or Stress Relief. Both of Soypure’s highly-refined natural signature fragrances contain over 22 essential oils.  Select the scent appropriate for your mood or customize your own scent, mixing the variety and quantity of scented sachets you use.

Great for homes, hotel rooms, cars* (will fit standard cup holder or on dashboard), nursing homes and anywhere a flame is not practical or desired.  Individual sachet envelopes are perfect for tucking into drawers or closets to gently scent your personal belongings.  Easy to follow instructions on box.

* If using in vehicle, do not leave on dashboard for prolonged periods of time. Excessive exposure to sunlight may result in fading of label ink.

CONTENTS: 1 Icon Holder. 12 sachets, Stress Relief Scent-a refreshing, energizing scent to relieve built-up tension
12 sachets, Ginger Therapy Scent – a healing scent for calm and serenity.

  • Made in the USA of environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging
  • FDA Disclaimer (click here)

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