Soypure Beauty System Guide

Concentrated Liquid Exfoliating/ Detoxifying Soap Combo (ultra-mild exfoliation) 

To obtain youthful skin, Detoxification and Exfoliation are essential to remove dead skin cells on the surface that can make the skin look dull and tired. Common exfoliants used in the cosmetics industry, however, have been found too harsh for frequent use. Soypure Concentrated Liquid Exfoliating/Detoxifying Soap Combo contains natural Soybean Oil and organic Soy Flour. Its naturally-dissolving Soy particles provide ultra-mild daily detoxification and exfoliation that's both effective and eco-friendly. And because its ingredients are naturally potent, just a little goes a long way.

  • Safe for sensitive skin and designed for daily use on face and body.
  • Soypure Liquid Exfoliating/Detoxifying Soap Combo contains Hawaiian
  • Volcano Mud Salt paired with Organic Soy. Partly-roasted Soy Flour washes away toxins and loosens dead skin cells for gentle exfoliation while also encouraging the regeneration and emergence of new radiant cells. It also effectively removes make-up.

Note: Peeling of the skin may occur when first using Soypure Super Concentrated Liquid Exfoliating/Detoxifying Soap Combo. This is natural when there is a heavy build up of dry, dead skin cells. Continued use of the Super Concentrated Liquid Soap Combo will result in noticeably glowing, radiantly smoother skin.

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