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 Aronia Powder

The Aronia shrub produces very bitter, pea-sized fruit clusters that are purple to black in color and often used in jam and wine-making.


Because of its deep purple color, the ORAC value of Aronia is one of the highest ever recorded. Its extremely rich antioxidant content may be beneficial for reducing oxidative stress to promote optimal health. Aronia is believed to support the maintenance of healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels and aid with digestion. It’s also believed to enhance the immune and circulatory systems and is used in the treatment of infections and to support healthy retinal function, as well as urinary tract health.


Aronia Powder has a slightly bitter taste. Blend 2-3 tsps a day of superfruit powder with tea, cereals, ice creams, juices, milks, yogurts, pies, cakes, smoothies, cookie fillings or desserts. Or use 3-4 Tbsp of superfruit powder per 8 oz of water to make a nutritious and flavorful juice. Increase or decrease the amount of powder to taste.


  • Environmentally friendly reusable container preserves freshness up to two years.
  • Product of Germany
  • Kosher
  • FDA Disclaimer  (click here)

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