Soypure candles protect you and the environment.

The Soypure promise to protect you and the environment extends beyond skincare to the way Soypure candles are produced. Soypure offers unique 3-wick candles packaged in extremely durable, recyclable foil-lined compressed paper tubes. Similar to paper baking pans, they can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. As an added precaution, Soypure candle containers are lined with flame retardant paper and wicks are glued into place.

 Extensive research went into developing a candle formulation that burns soot-free and releases virtually no toxins when properly cared for and handled.

Traditional candles pollute the environment because they’re made using inferior wax, wicks and fragrances. In addition, the flames that burn traditional candles are too large and can overheat fragrances.

Soypure candles are made of an all-natural wax formula, using only 100% palm wax and soy ingredients, which burns very clean. Three pure cotton, self-trimming, metal-free wicks are used in each Soypure candle. The triple wicks and foil-lined containers, which encase the candles, ensure even heat distribution with multiple small flames, so fragrances don’t get overheated. Soypure candles contain only highly refined signature fragrances scented with over 22 essential oils that won’t release toxic fumes when cared for and handled following manufacturer suggestions.

Palm Wax

Palm Wax is the only wax that’s naturally occurring, derived from the bark of the Wax Palm tree. The wax is scraped from the trunk and used to make natural candles and soap. Palm wax has excellent burning qualities, which makes it ideal for use in candles. Palm wax is also kind to the environment. Scraping the wax from its trunk is harmless to the Palm Wax tree, which is in danger of extinction.

Combat stress for natural ageless beauty

The Soypure approach to skincare is holistic. Soypure skincare products, superfruit powders and aromatherapy are all designed to work together towards a common goal of ageless, natural beauty.

Stress is known to be one of the key contributors to premature aging of the skin. That’s why the Soypure Aromatherapy Collection includes candles in fragrances designed by a fragrance psychologist for the therapeutic benefits of relieving stress and aiding in relaxation. The two Soypure signature fragrances, Stress Relief and Ginger Therapy for relaxation, are highly-refined all-natural scents that revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

Stress Relief

This refreshing and revitalizing scent contains essential oils of Eucalyptus and two kinds of mint. As its name implies, the Stress Relief candle can be used to destress after a hectic day.

Ginger Therapy

This warm and spicy ginger-citrus scent contains essential oils of Sweet Musk and Chamomile. The Ginger Therapy candle can be used to unwind and ease into relaxation.