Why soy? Why Soypure?

Why soy?

Soy has long been heralded for its reputed health benefits, from reducing high cholesterol to preventing hot flashes. More recently, soy’s beauty benefits have also come to light.

Candlemakers discovered their hands became supple, luxuriously soft and wrinkle-free as a result of regularly dipping their hands into molten soy wax. The leather boots worn by soybean farmers while grinding unprocessed soy flour became softer and shinier.

When the same kind of minimally-processed soy is used in skincare and bodycare, it has amazing effects, including anti-aging benefits, smoothing, softening, evening skin tone, reducing blotchiness, slowing hair growth and tightening skin.

Why Soypure?

Soypure is a prestige line of holistic natural skincare dedicated to delivering the remarkable anti-aging benefits of soy through innovative techniques and formulations.

While other soy beauty products exist, pure soy is the Soypure difference. In addition to being better for your body and the environment, truly natural ingredients, like the kind used in Soypure products, offer maximum product benefits. That’s why only the purest form of “edible” grade minimally-processed soy is used in Soypure’s collection of Skin Cleansers and Skin Moisturizers. In addition to smoothing, softening and anti-aging benefits, this type of soy can also be credited with evening skin tone, reducing blotchiness, slowing hair growth which can reduce the need to shave or wax, and tightening skin.

The environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free production of Soypure skincare and packaging further ensure that Soypure is kind to you, animals and the environment.