How was Soypure born?

Soypure is the brainchild of Moshe Goldenberg, an entrepreneur, inventor and designer with 25 years of expertise in efficient heating.

After learning that for hundreds of years people have been using the combination of heat and natural oils to treat skin ailments, Goldenberg was intrigued and began experimenting with heating skincare products himself, experiencing firsthand how heat can help drive moisturizers deeper into the skin, greatly enhancing their benefit.

Goldenberg then began exhaustive research into truly natural ingredients that are nourishing and revitalizing to the skin. Through his research, he uncovered study after study confirming the clinically-proven benefits of soy.

Goldenberg was surprised, however, to learn that only small amounts of soy could be used in the “so-called” soy skincare currently available to consumers because of the harsh chemicals used in the cosmetics industry to process it. Further research revealed that this standard processing of soy also depletes its beneficial nutrients.

Determined to find a truly natural alternative to processed soy, Goldenberg continued researching and discovered a variety of organic and non-GMO (non-genetically modified) soy ingredients available through the natural foods industry that can be formulated into naturally nourishing and effective skincare. Soypure now holds a patent for the use of food-grade soy in skin cleansing and moisturizing products. A battery of safety tests at an FDA-approved lab confirmed that “edible” soy has no adverse effect in any amount.

With the help of expert skincare formulators, Goldenberg combined his findings about soy and his expertise and innovations utilizing heat, and in April 2008, the Soypure line of truly natural soy skincare was launched.